English in Action

In 2001 English in Action started at our school. In this week, the students have to speak English only all the time. Every year students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th form can take part in English in Action. They act out sketches, play games, make projects and perform a show on Friday evening.
It’s always great fun, because all native speakers from England and America are very nice. This year our favourite teacher was Liam. He always took selfies with us and did a lot of funny things #Liamisthebest.
We think this week was fun for everyone, and we also learned a lot new words.
Most of the students are sad that the week is over, but for luck there will be another English in Action next year. smiley


Shark – Attack
(Anna Köstenbauer)


Last year in the summer holidays, I was in Australia. One day I went to a beach in Broome. The weather was hot, the sand was beautiful and the water was really nice, too. There were big waves and only one person was swimming. Then there was a young man named Peter. He went surfing. Peter did it really well. He did stunts and incredible things in the water. He jumped with the board very high and he didn’t fall.

Suddenly the people started to scream. At first I didn’t realised why. But then I saw it. There was a shark. The swimmer got out of the water very quickly, but the surfer didn’t hear the noise and he didn’t see the shark. I know that sharks are sometimes dangerous, especially for surfers, because they think they’re a seal or something like that. The shark bit into the board and also in the hand of the surfer. Suddenly the shark was scared of the noise and swam away. One brave man swam to the surfer who was shocked. Peter went to hospital by the Flying Royal Doctors.

He lost his right hand, but he still likes surfing. And Peter isn’t scared of sharks because he knows that not all sharks are dangerous. I’m also really happy that he is still alive. It was really shocking and I hope Peter is well.


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